Traditional hair removal treatments and Middle Eastern wax

Les Bains du Marais offers men’s and women’s hair removal treatments with 100% natural honey or sugar wax

Choose between disposable wax or all-natural Middle Eastern wax, made here in our spa in accordance with Middle Eastern tradition. Have you ever had a wax with 100% natural and chemical-free Middle Eastern wax?

Middle Eastern waxes leave you feeling clean and beautiful without damaging your skin. An age-old beauty treatment stemming from the Middle East, this type of waxing does not irritate your skin. Middle Eastern wax, a sweet wax made from honey and sugar and shaped into a golden caramel-like ball, has a number of advantages.

It is used to remove the shortest hairs, all the while leaving your skin soft and clean. You’re assured baby-smooth skin that lasts and lasts. What’s more, your skin will not become irritated, break out, or develop ingrown hairs.

Middle Eastern wax plucks the hair at its root. Our authentic and unique Middle Eastern waxing ritual is a journey for the senses, which is not always the case for hair removal treatments. Our Middle Eastern wax is handmade to ensure you benefit from the best possible waxing experience. All our masseuses and beauticians have been formally trained in Middle Eastern waxing. Middle Eastern wax requires special handling, a technique that is mastered by our team. Give in to the temptation of an individual hair removal treatment or go for a package.

Beauty treatments for women

Hair removal treatments for women

Trust all your women’s waxing needs to our beauticians at the Bains du Marais beauty & wellness center, and enjoy the softest and smoothest of skin.

All our women’s waxes
Beauty treatments for men

Hair removal treatments for men

Take advantage of the men’s waxing treatments on offer at the Bains du Marais beauty & wellness center to eliminate hair from any part of your body and enjoy the softest and smoothest of skin.

All our men’s waxes

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