Mother & Daughter days.

Les Bains du Marais, the spa dedicated to your health and wellbeing, presents its Mother & Daughter Menu for relaxing days of beauty treatments and bonding.

A girl’s first beauty treatment, usually done in the presence of her mother, is a memory that lasts a lifetime... We’ve therefore come up with a way for mothers and daughters to share these special moments together. Simply select the natural & essential treatments you’d like to experience with your little princess. All our creams and oils are plant-based and 100% natural. Embark on a journey for the senses while initiating your little girl to the wonders of wellness.

My first manucure

Give your princess her first beauty break with a filing, a gentle massage of the hands and a nice varnish pose by Too Fruit.


My First facial care by Too Fruit

First organic face care for children. Maintains the vitality and hydration of the skin, respecting the morphology of the child.


My first massage

First organic massage for children. Promotes relaxation, rest and self-confidence, with respect for the privacy of the child


Manucure Together

Enjoy a moment of complicity with your partner by offering you a beauty of hands. Your princess will receive a filing, a hand massage and a nice varnish pose by Too Fruit. On your side, a complete manicure with classic nail polish installation by OPI.


Hammam both, oriental scrub for the parent and soap for the child

Family immersion in our traditional hammam. Body scrub with kessa glove and Turkish scarf soap for mom or dad. For your child, a cloud of foam, enveloping with fruity scents, thanks to the Turkish scarf.


Duo of massages Parents/Children

A moment of shared relaxation, during a 25min duo massage, promoting attachment, listening and complicity.


Sweet moment

Access to the hammam and sauna, black soap installation, deep exfoliation with kessa glove followed by signature Turkish scarf soaping for the parent and a scented Turkish scarf soaping for the child, two 25min relaxing massages to perfect this moment. Spa reserved for women on Wednesdays from 11am to 10pm Spa reserved for men on Thursdays from 11am to 10pm Mixed all the rest of the time mandatory swimsuit


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