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Little pleasures at Les Bains du Marais

The little pleasure at Les Bains du Marais in Paris have been designed to provide you with immediate and effective well-being. We target both body areas and the face according to your current request. Whether it’s for relaxation or aesthetic benefits, we believe that massage is a true lifestyle to be integrated into a daily routine. The benefits on the body are undeniable.

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Scalp Massage

Neck, trapezius, cervical and skull modelling. Ideal for migraine sufferers. (25 minutes)

Relaxing massage oil ceremony

Rebalancing and revitalizing massage for body and mind. (25 minutes)

Slimming Massage (

Slimming and firming massage with anti-cellulite and anti-aging oils. (25 minutes)

japanese Facial Massage anti aging with Argan Oil

Argan facial massage known for its anti-aging and anti-oxidant virtues. Combined with specific maneuvers acting against skin aging. with delicate cucumber petals placed on your eyes for decongesting this fragile part

Foot Reflexology

Pressure on the specific meridian points of the feet connected to the main organs of the body. (25 minutes)

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