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Pure relaxation massages Les Bains du Marais

The massages at Les Bains du Marais are tailored to your needs. Choose the pressure, your oil, and the intensity of the massage: the movements are smooth and soothing for optimal relaxation

Relaxing massage oil ceremony

Rebalancing and revitalizing massage for body and mind. Relieves tension (50 minutes) for one or two people

Japanese Belly Massage

Fuku Belly Massage The belly, our second brain, this intuitive center of life is the place where stress lodges, toxins and negative emotions. This treatment helps to free oneself from these inconveniences while restoring energy circulation throughout the body. This massage focuses on the solar plexus and hara region. It begins with a head and neck massage, while the belly is relaxed by the benevolent warmth of a natural seed cushion. Then comes the belly massage where soft pressures,

Tonic Massage

High pressure maneuvers working on muscles, ideal for athletes. (50 minutes) for one or two people

mother-to-be massage

This gentle massage is intended for expectant mothers for a moment of absolute relaxation. It relieves tensions and provides a deep well-being. It is advised from 4 months

Hot stone massage

e benefits of hot stone massage are manifold. It helps to let go, detoxify the body and improve blood circulation. Several diseases and pain are also treated with this massage technique, including: Arthritis Fibromyalgia; The insomnia The muscular pains; Diseases related to stress. However, not everyone can benefit from the therapeutic virtues of hot stone massage. Some contraindications exist. People with diabetes, respiratory or heart problems should avoid this type of massage. This is

Thai Massage

Massage alternating deep and stimulating pressures. Harmonizes energies and stimulates circulation (50 minutes) for one or two people

Ayurvedic Massage

Toning massage improves lymphatic circulation and eliminates toxins according to the Ayurveda rite (50 minutes) for one or two people

Signature Massage Les Bains du Marais

We propose you to live a unique experience through our massage with the rebalancing virtues, mixing deep maneuvers, detoxifying and soothing. Through the benevolent and intuitive hands of our practitioners, trained in this massage inspired by ancestral rites, Les Bains du Marais will know how to rebalance your energies and envelop you with an aura of well-being...

Relaxing massage oil ceremony 1h30

Rebalancing and revitalizing massage for body and mind. Relieves tension (1h20) for one or two people

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